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Your perfect wedding reception venue awaits. Find the best wedding reception to suit your budget and take the stress out of planning your perfect wedding day.

Choosing a wedding reception venue, tips and ideas :

What type of wedding reception?

There are a 3 obvious choices for this one, you can decide to have a cocktail, lunch or dinner. Just like with everything else in this world all will depend on your budget the cheapest option would probably be a cocktail style wedding reception. The beauty of this type of reception is the casual feel to the event and you can easily mingle and spend time with your guests.

The 'Dinner' wedding reception is by far the most popular option. Having your wedding reception in the evening allows you plenty of time for the wedding ceremony and taking your wedding photos.

Things to Consider when organising your wedding reception:

* Saturday or Sunday wedding ? if you have chosen a wedding day around the peak season (summer) better book early. If you are looking to get a better deal sometimes the sunday wedding is slightly cheaper and also choosing to have a lunch time as opposed to a dinner reception can save you some money or do something really different have your wedding during the weekday say a Friday wedding your sure to grab a deal for your dinner wedding reception for a friday night.

* If you book a lunch time reception remember (specially during peak season) that you will need to vacate the premises almost (if not) on the dot because they will need to prepare the venue again for the dinner reception. To avoid this best to book the dinner reception.

* Keep in mind any major events occuring the same time to your chosen wedding date this may cause some problems.

* Try to complete (or as close as you can) your final guess list before you start looking around for your wedding reception, that way you know exactly what its going to cost you.

* Some wedding reception venues can accomodate more than 1 function at a time which means you might need to share "common areas" of the facilities.

* In terms of pricing always ask whats included as an example some wedding reception venues will charge extra if you need chair covers or decorations on the table.

* Will you need to set up the names on the tables yourself or do they do this for you?

* How much deposit is required and when do you need to pay the balance ?

* Is the wedding reception venue close to the church/ceremony location and the wedding photo location? if you have little time in between the ceremony and the reception its best if you find a photo shoot location close by so you dont waste time driving around.

* Parking, make sure there is enough parking space to accomodate your guests

* Majority of wedding reception venues will charge you extra if you go over the specified time so make sure you stick to your schedule to avoid paying extra. Ask how much extra it will cost if you go over the time specified they may charge per half hour or per hour.




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